The Morning Drive Episode 1

The Morning Drive has been added. This idea comes from Josh’s friend…Josh who suggested a shorter episode for the drive to work, or for those who may not have an hour to spare. Shout out to Josh! Thanks!

Episode 3 has been posted

Unfortunately Kyle was unable to join us this week, Brian was able to fill in and made an excellent guest (thank you Brian).

Discussion topics cover news and ongoing events. Be warned this is not a gaming episode. Next week will be back to gaming and culture.

Behold our “third jersey” symbol and the upcoming stickerbcrfinal-011

Episode 2 has been posted

Join us in welcoming Kyle back to the podcast

Topics touch on news and tech…with some gaming thrown in for good measure

Enjoy the fall edition of “Jay’s Home Tips”

End it with some Hockey talk that trails off to no where!

The official “setlist” has been post to Instagram: Bad Citizen Radiobad_citizen_radio_podcast__design_projecttagram: Bad Citizen Radio

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