Episode 27

We are back after a week off. Going forward we will likely upload every other week to give ourselves a break…and play video games.

Anyway, tough topics this week, I cannot stress that enough. Please be warned but we are just here to discuss it.

thanks for tuning in!

2 week break, explained

It’s been a few weeks since our last cast but do not fret, we will return Saturday evening (the 4th) with a new episode…but likely without Josh just this once because he has stuff to take care of and yes it’s important.

Anyway this is Chad and I wanted to say the small hiatus is my fault due to travel. I am currently in Raleigh and was in Richmond last week, just wanted to apologize for the hold up.

Thanks again to all our listeners, we look forward to talking on a mic again about nothing and hope you will join us Saturday evening.


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