2 week break, explained

It’s been a few weeks since our last cast but do not fret, we will return Saturday evening (the 4th) with a new episode…but likely without Josh just this once because he has stuff to take care of and yes it’s important.

Anyway this is Chad and I wanted to say the small hiatus is my fault due to travel. I am currently in Raleigh and was in Richmond last week, just wanted to apologize for the hold up.

Thanks again to all our listeners, we look forward to talking on a mic again about nothing and hope you will join us Saturday evening.

Episode 19.5…almost 20 has been uploaded!

Without Kyle we can’t in good conscience call this the 20th episode so this is 19.5.


We have special guest star Mark back again to talk Anthem and a little bit of everything else. Mark and Brian are now tied for the most guest star roles and we wouldn’t have it any other way!


Thanks Mark and thanks for listening!


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